2019-20 Board elections

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  1. The Constitution states that “Every member of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Membership at the AGM by a show of hands, and shall hold office for one year following their election.”
  2. A member of the Board of Directors may hold office for more than one year subject to re-election at the AGM”.

This is a call for nominations to the Board of Directors for the Bloor West Village Players Inc. (afterwards known as ’The Village Players’) for 2019-20.

"village players" "Bloor West Village Players" "Village Playhouse" "Bloor West" theatre theater AGM "annual general meeting" vote Board directors "Board of Directors"The Constitution calls for a minimum of 5 Directors. The current Board has 9 members. We would like to maintain that number so that new ideas for management of  The Village Players  can be generated and implemented, as well as tasks associated with the everyday operation of the theatre be  completed.

This is a working Board the members of which take on leadership of various projects as well as specific activities related to either administration or production issues. As this is a volunteer organization, no member of the Board of Directors receives any kind of remuneration.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are typically held once a month.

Members of The Village Players who are in good standing (i.e. have been active in the Theatre in the last 12 months) may nominate members in similar good standing, by completing the Board of Directors’ Nomination form, by August 29, 2019. Completed Board of Directors Nomination forms should be sent via regular mail, email or by hand delivery, to Evelyn Clarke, our Independent Scrutineer, c/o The Village Playhouse. For addresses, see HERE.

A list of nominees will be posted on The Village Players’ website, and at the theatre, by September 4, 2019.  Elections will take place at the AGM, where nominations may also be made from the floor, at 7 p.m. on September 8, 2019.

Questions regarding the nomination process may be directed to Anne Harper at The Village Playhouse.