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by David Ives, based on a play by Pierre Corneille
Performance dates: January 12 to February 3, 2018
Director: Katherine Bignell-Jones

AUDITIONS will be held at the Village Playhouse, 2190 Bloor St. West (around the corner from Runnymede subway station) at the following times:

  • Saturday, October 14 at 10 am -6 pm
  • Monday October 16 at 8:00 – 10 pm
  • CALL BACKS: Wednesday October 18 at  8 pm – 10 pm


  • Rehearsals & Performances are at 2190 Bloor St. West.
  • First read: beginning October 22, with rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00-10 pm, and Sundays 1-5 pm, but are flexible depending on actor availability.
  • Actors MUST be available Tech Weekend (January 6-7),  and every night of tech week (January 8-11).
  • Actors MUST be available for all performance dates: January 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 (matinée), 25, 26, 27, 28 (matinée), February 1, 2 and 3.

About the play: Paris, 1643. Dorante is a charming young man newly arrived in the capital, and he has but a single flaw: he cannot tell the truth. Which creates compounding woes  which even his manservant, Cliton, who cannot lie, might not be able to save him from.  For more about THE LIAR, see HERE

No Accents Required.

CHARACTERS (ages refer to characters, not actors – and are approximate):

  • DORANTE:  (20-39) Apparently a wide-eyed energetic young man just in from the country, he turns out to be an eloquent and articulate pathological liar.
  • CLITON:  (25-40) Dorante’s manservant, he is guilible, endearing, very much put-upon.
  • CLARICE:  (20-39) A young woman who is flirty and smart, with plenty of experience with men.
  • LUCRECE:  (20-39) Clarice’s best friend, both her feet are firmly on the ground.
  • ALCIPPE:  (20-39) He is Dorante’s best friend and Clarice’s fiancé. Hot- tempered, sheepish, given to sulking, not the brightest guy but good hearted.
  • GERONTE:  (50-69) Dorante’s father. Indulgent towards his son, blind to his son’s faults.
  • PHILISTE:  (30-45)  He is Alcippe’s good friend, snobbish, polished and well-educated.
  • ISABELLE/SABINE:  (30-45) These are the twin sister maidservants to Lucrece and Clarice. Isabelle is sexy, kittenish and sweet. Sabine is tart, stern and moralizing.


PREPARATION:   Please prepare a short (2-3 minute) monologue if the Director is not familiar with your work.   Please also be familiar with the play as you may be asked to do cold readings from the script. A hardcopy of the script will be available at the desk of the 5th floor of The Toronto Reference Library.  A script is available upon request. 

TO BOOK AN AUDITION:  Please email a copy of your headshot and resume to with your preferred date, time, interested role(s), and contact information. Please also bring a hardcopy of your resume and headshot to your audition.

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If you get a chance to act in a room that somebody else has paid rent for, then you’re given a free chance to practice your craft.
~ Philip Seymour Hoffman on auditioning

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