"village playhouse toronto" “village playhouse” "village players" "bloor west" theatre theater Runnymede “EVELYN STRANGE” “Stuart Lemoine” “Barbara Larose”EVELYN STRANGE by Stewart Lemoine
November 3 to 25, 2017
Director: Barbara Larose

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(production photos by Jennifer Etches)


By Melissa Bazo in Toronto Community Theatre Blog
November 9, 2017

Mahtab Sabet … kept me enthralled with her next thought, her next move and so on. She was also incredibly charismatic”

Trevor [Marlatt] played the character without fault … One of my favourite moments between these two, was when Perry lit Evelyn a cigarette and passed this to her in what I felt was a very intense romantic moment for the two of them”

Marisa King was the over the top, high maintenance rich wife of the owner of ‘Ferrer and Sons’… She irritated me – but that’s what she was supposed to do, so A+ on that because I have a love/hate relationship with characters I can’t stand – but they do such a good job at!”

“the role of Lewis Hake was a wonderful chance for Sean Ballantyne to show off his acting and comedy chops”

“I have to make a special remark about the headpieces worn by Evelyn and Nina – exquisite and refined!”

“The conversation and the story became untangled and everyone making their accusations or defences really gave me the Hitchock murder mystery thriller and suspenseful feel that I love those movies for!”

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WE’RE DELIGHTED TO PRESENT OUR CAST  (click on composite photo to see more)"village playhouse toronto" “village playhouse” "village players" "bloor west" theatre theater Runnymede "Evelyn Strange" "theatre noir" cast “Stewart Lemoine” “Barbara Larose” “Trevor Marlatt” “Mahtab Sabet” “Marisa King” “Sean Ballantyne” “Perry Spangler” “Nina Ferrer” “Lewis Hake"

"village playhouse toronto" “village playhouse” "village players" "bloor west" theatre theater Runnymede “EVELYN STRANGE” “Stuart Lemoine” “Barbara Larose” "David Nicholson"About the play. . . .

Evelyn Strange makes this great entrance right out of a ’50s film noir. As the ominous strains of Wagner’s Siegfried echo through the hall, she slowly appears out of the night in socialite Nina Ferrer’s private box at the Metropolitan opera – dressed in a Bogart trench-coat, looking straight ahead, her face a blank mask. And her only explanation for being there are the tickets she found in the trench-coat pocket. Mild-mannered Perry Spangler knows why he was there – to look after Nina, his boss’s wife – but that mission soon changes as he finds himself under the spell of the lovely amnesiac. Nina and Perry’s colleague Lewis find themselves tangled in the same steamy web.

a healthy dose of humour and razor sharp dialogue along with the intrigue and mystery.
~ Avenue Calgary, 2010


 About Stewart Lemoine, the playwright…

Stewart Lemoine is a Canadian playwright, director, and producer. Born in Winnipeg, based in Edmonton, Lemoine was the Artistic Director of Teatro la Quindicina in that city from 1982-2007. In 2008 he became Teatro’s resident playwright, working on his own original comedies and mentoring the troupe’s new writers at Old Strathcona’s Varscona Theatre.

Lemoine has written over sixty plays in the course of his career. He is the winner of nine Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards (Sterling Awards) for The Glittering Heart (1990), The Book of Tobit (1993), The Noon Witch (1995), At the Zenith of the Empire (2005), The Oculist’s Holiday (2009), Witness to a Conga (2011), Cause and Effect (2014), Marvellous Pilgrims (2014); and a Dora Mavor Moore Award for The Vile Governess and Other Psychodramas (1986). His many honors include the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2003); the New York International Fringe Award for Overall Excellence in Playwriting for Pith! (2004); and the $50,000 inaugural Tommy Banks Performing Arts Award (2008). In June 2010, he was inducted into the City of Edmonton’s Cultural Hall of Fame.

Lemoine’s plays are highly imaginative, witty comedies, often combining exotic locales with quirky characters. Evelyn Strange is a prime example.

About Barbara Larose, the director…

Barbara studied theatre at Concordia University and has worked as a Director, Actor, Dramaturge, and Acting Coach for many years.  She directed A.A. Milne’s comedy Mr. Pim Passes By for Village Players in 2015. Directing credits elsewhere include:  Sharon Pollock’s Blood Relations, and James Reaney’s The Killdeer, Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf; Michel Tremblay’s The Real World?, Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson, Margaret Edison’s Wit, and Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound and After Magritte, all at the Alumnae Theatre.   She has also directed plays in several New Ideas Festivals and several shows at the Toronto Fringe, including Life in the Raw which she also wrote with partner, Rick Jones, and  Seeking Refuge in the 2017 Fringe – a critically-acclaimed musical written by Rick.