2022 AGM

"Village Players" "Bloor West Village Players" "Village Playhouse" "Runnymede theatre" theatre theater "community theatre" AGM "Annual General Meeting"

…will take place virtually on
September 18, 2022 at 7p.m…

The Village AGM will be on ZOOM again this year and so must be a little more structured than in-person Meetings. We think that most people have become very familiar with Zoom during the last 2+ years and understand how it works. If not, we will help you. 

Please register to attend the AGM by replying to this email package. After you have registered, you will receive a Zoom connection for the meeting, as well as copies of the various reports about what has happened this year. Please let us know that you intend to participate by September 16, 2022.

All are invited, and we welcome especially people who might be interested in joining the group. Only members who are in good standing, that is, have been active with The Village Players since September 9, 2021, may vote. Activity includes participation as an actor, administrator or technical person in the various live productions and Zoom readings which we have held since that date.

You will learn about what was happening during the mini-season of 2021-2022, about all the activities and discussions which have taken place as a result of the COVID-19 constraints, and about what we plan to do in the immediate future. There will be an update on all the various aspects of the theatre and members in good standing will have the opportunity to vote for the Board for 2022-23. 

Links to two downloadable PDFs are at the bottom of this email: the Board Election Notification and Board Nomination form

"Village Players" "Bloor West Village Players" "Village Playhouse" "Runnymede theatre" theatre theater "community theatre" AGM "Annual General Meeting"

Find out more about us and how you can get (perhaps, even more!) involved, renew some friendships, and catch up with people you haven’t been able to see recently — even if they will only be appearing in miniature! Yes, you can ask questions — please do — and make comments; we are really very democratic! This is a time for any and all ideas about not just surviving but flourishing as a non-profit arts organization in a post-pandemic world.  

Our goal is a fairly short, sweet and informative session — and an opportunity to chat and catch up.

No travelling time nor parking problems but, sorry, also no refreshments as we still haven’t worked out how to do that by Zoom — we await the teleporter version! And, yes, pants are optional!

So, please register by September 16 at bwvp2190@yahoo.ca. And also send us any questions you may have to that address.

You will able to join the meeting from 6.30p.m. on September 18 so that we have time to fix any technical problems — and if there should be none, you can chat with others who also arrive in good time!

And, if you should just be intrigued — we welcome you.

Live Theatre will survive!
Notice of Elections 2022:

Board Nomination form 2022: