Corey Fuchs & Livia Pravato-Fuchs

Livia Pravato’s first costume design for Village Players was a mid-1950s period production – Bus Stop, in our 1996-97 season.

Corey Fuchs and Livia Pravato-Fuchs

She then took a few turns on the stage in 1997-1998, playing Mrs. Krebs in Inherit the Wind, Mrs. Ragg in Sweeney Todd the Barber, and Voice of Squirrel in I Hate Hamlet. With that out of her system, she dedicated herself to costume work, often as designer or coordinator, and has continued that valuable contribution to the present time, designing costumes for Village Players’ next play Cake-Walk (and beyond, we hope.)

Corey had worked in television in Toronto, then Thunder Bay before returning to Toronto to launch the website for Media Job Search in April, 1999.  He took on other jobs to pay the bills while the company was making a foothold, but as of today, it has posted over 100,000+ Job Ads and has helped 3000 companies, from across Canada, fill media-related positions.

But then … well, let Livia tell it:

“Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting Program is where Corey and I met and became friends. After graduating in 1991, we went our separate ways, only to be reunited in 2004 when I was looking for a job in the Media again and stumbled upon . And that’s where I saw the name Corey Fuchs, CEO & President! I just about fell out of my chair and quickly emailed him asking if he remembered me from Radio College. He replied, “of course I do! I had a huge crush on you.” I said that he had a crush on everybody, but agreed to meet with him and two years later in 2006 we were married and the rest is history.”

Her Village Players friends couldn’t have been happier for our Livia.  And for us, too.  From the beginnings of his relationship with Livia, Corey also became a Village Players friend and benefactor, providing us with a brand-new table saw among other gifts and donations to make our work more effective (and safer.)  Corey became a Village Players Board member (and volunteer facilities manager) in 2011 and 2012, until the onslaught of ALS made it too difficult for him to carry on.  Livia and Corey made the most of their time together, until Corey succumbed on May 30, 2016.

Livia summed up her feelings this way:

“I am so grateful to have met this man almost 27 years ago in 1989. He is a man to be admired, an inspiration to us all. He changed my life as much as I did his. He is greatly missed.”

We second that emotion.