Dustin Woods-Turner (sound designer)

Dustin Woods-Turner (sound designer for Fox on the Fairway)

"village players" "bloor west" theatre theater volunteer "sound design" "sound designer" "Dustin Woods-Turner"Dustin is a first-year student in the Theatre Production Program at Humber College.  He considers himself lucky to have been able to study and work with the late Todd Charlton, highly-respected Humber instructor and sound designer with 17 years’ experience at the Stratford festival.  Dustin also volunteers at Village Players.


1. How did you find out about Village Players?
From another Humber Theatre Production student, John Cabanela, who started here when he was still in high school.  I was his associate lighting designer for Murder in Green Meadows and operated lights during the run.

2. That was our second show this season.  Did you stay involved after that?
Oh yes.  I assisted with Sound Engineering for the next play, Mauritius. Then I was the Sound Engineer and Sound, Slideshow, and Lighting Operator for Foxfinder. Now I’m the Sound Designer and Engineer (hopefully operator too!) for Fox on the Fairway.

3. How have you been able to fit in the sound design you do for us with your school work?
The Humber College Theatre Production Program has 10 classes per semester plus 6 productions per year, weekend and morning to evening classes. To work at school and volunteer at this theatre requires significant commitment, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Much of my work for this show has been done during breaks at school and in the evening.

4. What does volunteering at Village Players do for you?
I’m able to find time to spend on details and specifics and experimenting which is incredibly rewarding. I use skills I learned from Humber in a more consequence-heavy environment.  Designing sound for a Village play drives me to be creative and to mature specific skills that I’ll be using in my future career as an audio engineer.

5. Have you done anything on Fox on the Fairway that was unusual or extra challenging or creative?
Directional sound isn’t unusual in theatre but it isn’t something I’m used to doing. It’s been very interesting experimenting with wireless mics, speakers behind set, above set, and behind the audience.

6. What’s been the best part about this production for you?
Recording the voice actor (the Starter) and the production team (crowd noises.)  That was an amazing time!

7.  Do you think you’ll stay on with Village Players?
If school allows me the time I’ll be assisting with more shows next season!